Turning a Single to a Double Bed Throw

ingrun throw

We bought an INGRUN throw for our bed, but when we got it home we realised that we were disappointed with how it looked on our queen-sized bed. 

Disappointed 🙁

We looked again at the photos on IKEA’s website and realised it looked great draped across a single bed or a sofa but the measurements (130x170cm) were too small to drape luxuriously down to the floor on a queen. I tried to arrange it diagonally but still wasn’t happy.

We realised that we should have chosen a different product.

A single sized bedspread would have worked well. However, since I had already torn the packaging, I decided to cut it in half and stitch it back together into a longer, thinner rectangle.

IKEA items used:

INGRUN throw in grey

Other materials and tools:

Sewing machine
Grey thread (matching in colour)


How to configure an IKEA throw for a double bed

1. Fold the throw in half and pin.

fold in half

2. Cut along the fold

3. Pin the ends of the cut half together. I decided to overlap the edges. 

overlap edges

4. Sew together. I decided to zigzag in the middle of the overlap, starting at the far end away from my cut. 

sew together

Later I realised the edges were a bit too visible so I added extra lines of zigzag overlapping the edges of the overlapped fabric. If doing this again I would skip the first line of zigzag down the centre.

5. Trim any mismatched bits – a good reason to start the line of sewing at the far end away from the cut. 


6. I decided that to finish the cut edges, I would copy what Ikea had done and sew a line of zigzag about an inch away from the cut edge, then fray. 

7. My cut line and my line of sewing to make the frayed edge were not very straight, so some of the threads only pull out halfway along. That’s ok – I just trimmed the thread I was pulling level with the threads that were supposed to be there. 

8. Done! 

It took an hour to do (the fraying took the longest) and the throw cost $17 Australian. I already had the thread and sewing equipment. 

I wouldn’t recommend going out to do this hack instead of buying a more appropriately sized bedspread in the first place, but it saved me from having to return the item.

~ by Becky

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