The Most Viewed IKEA hacks of 2021 goes to these 3

studio apartment makeover

This post is the result of my own curiosity. I wanted to know what captured the attention of IH readers and the Internet, so I did some digging on Analytics. And I landed on these 3 posts that collectively clocked over 250,000 pageviews.

What surprised me was the top 2 were wardrobe hacks, a shift away from 2020 which saw this lockdown makeover being the most viewed post. Perhaps last year was less about WFH and more about creating an organized space?

Anyways, theories aside … here are the 3 hacks that captured the most eyeballs in 2021.

#1 Fabulous walk-in PAX closet

most viewed IKEA Hacks of 2021 - blue green walk in wardrobe

Still one of the most stunning walk-in PAX closet hack on IH. Erin used PAX frames, mixed in some critical upgrades for a full custom cabinetry look. The hack is intensive and executed beautifully. Not just for 2021, I foresee this one being an all-time favourite hack. See it here.

#2 Built-in PAX closet under sloped ceiling

most viewed IKEA Hacks of 2021 - sloped ceiling with storage closet

The space under a sloped ceiling is tricky. It’s not easy to decorate or add storage to but Hugo made it work. He used the PAX range with a lot of careful cuts. He admits it’s a complicated build but the amount of storage it provides more than makes up for it. See it here.

#3 Lovely bed nook with the BILLY Bookcase as a room divider

studio apartment with BILLY bookcase room divider

This studio apartment makeover came in at number 3. Jess hated being able to see her bed from the “kitchen” and vice versa, so needed a cheap way to hide it! And the studio being a rental, she need a non-permanent way to divide the room. The BILLY bookcases worked out so well for her space. Read more.

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And if you hacked IKEA last year or are planning to in 2022, remember to send it to me to share your hack with the world. Who knows, yours might be the most viewed IKEA Hack of 2022.

Jules Yap