Top 10 IKEA Ideas that made life better in 2021

top ikea ideas 2021

Last week I revealed the best 10 IKEA hacks of 2021 and now, let’s move on to the top Ideas for the year. They are simpler mods or repurposing, but clever nonetheless.

Some have asked why I created the “IDEAS” category. For one sole reason: to encourage and celebrate creativity, even in seed form. In the era of big, beautiful, Instagram-worthy images and ideas, I want to give voice to simple thought and functional ideas. I love cheering on a useful idea that may help or inspire someone.

And I hope you’ll join me in this. Let’s take a look at the top 10 IKEA ideas of 2021.

Top 10 IKEA ideas of 2021

#1 Coat rack in winter, bike rack in summer

Top IKEA ideas 2021 - bike rack coat rack

Roxanne stumbled across this clever idea. Two bikes fit perfectly on the RIGGA clothes rack. In the fall, when it’s time to get out the thick parkas, the bikes go into storage. This way they get maximum use out of the RIGGA clothes / bike rack all year round! See more.

#2 Device free dinner idea

Top IKEA ideas 2021 - phone holder

Rachel’s family does not eat with their phones on the table. She used the FJANTIG towel hooks, and now everyone hang their phones before dinner. Read more.

#3 Mini drawers for IVAR

Top IKEA ideas 2021 - moppe chest

Want to store small items in the IVAR unit? Jens found a method to install the IKEA MOPPE mini chest of drawers in the IVAR side unit. No glue or screws needed. See it here.

#4 Indoor plant trellis

Top IKEA ideas 2021 - indoor plant trellis

Vesna repurposed the KORSMON memo board into an indoor wall plant trellis. After a spray of white paint, the memo board blends into the wall and the plant becomes the main focus. Add more as the plant grows. See it here.

#5 See Through Room Divider

Top IKEA ideas 2021 - room divider

Joe wanted subtle separation between the dining area and lounge. He found the IKEA RISÖR room divider (with its glass removed) just right for the space. Read more.

#6 Add a handy shelf to a floor lamp

floor lamp shelf

Alex made a movable shelf for an IKEA floor lamp. The support can both turn and slide freely along the lamp post. However, when you take your hand off the shelf, after adjusting it into the desired position, the support beneath the shelf blocks itself on the lamp post under its own weight. Brilliant! See more.

#7 Max out the IKEA pull out cabinet

pull out spice rack

JoepW finds a way to maximize the 20cm wide MAXIMERA pull-out spice cabinet to store even more spice jars. Read more.

#8 Freestanding craft room pegboard stand

pegboard stand

Katie didn’t want to hang the SKÅDIS pegboard on the wall as she likes to change her craft room/ dressing room around all the time. So she repurposed a clothes rail, previously used for hanging houseplants, to create a pegboard stand. Details here.

#9 Chalkboard cheeseboard

chalkboard cheeseboard

Whenever they have guests, they always put out a cheese board. Everyone loves cheese, and you can get so creative with all the different cheeses available. So creating a cheese board from the SNUDDA was an immediate idea that Jae had. See it here.

#10 Pop art dresser

Top IKEA ideas 2021 - pop art dresser, tupac

Shelley wanted to create something unique and knew that the RAST dressers would be the perfect size to create on. She wanted something colourful that others would enjoy. We agree that Tupac’s image on this dresser made the impact she was hoping for. See more.

What’s your favourite idea? Let us know in the comments below.

And if you have a hack or idea don’t hide it, share it with us.