Making a practical yet cozy dog bed end table

dog bed end table

I was unable to find functional pet beds that complement my living room furniture, I went ahead and DIY a dog bed with curtains. 

It worked out really well functionally. It performs like an extra side table. The additional storage shelf holds toys and other items, the top can be used to display items. The tiled floor makes for easy cleaning. 

As for my puppy, it gives him the feeling that this is his own space.

IKEA items used: 

BESTÅ frame (I chose the single small unit. The BESTÅ frame does come with large sizes if need be)

Other materials and tools:

Circular saw
Mosaic tiles
Max bond glue
Aluminium rod
3M cable
Scrap cloth

DIY Dog Bed End Table with Curtains:

Build the BESTÅ and use a marker to mark out a comfortable height for your dog to look out of standing or with head raised.

Note: You don’t want to cut too low as it may impact the structural integrity of the furniture, you also may not want to cover the shelf dowel holes just in case you want to add shelves.

Dismantle the piece you want to cut from the frame. (A hole size of 10 to 12 cm is good.) The holes are like portholes for your dog to peek out of, especially when the curtains are drawn.

Use a box cutter to cut the holes. BESTÅ is made of fibreboard and a honeycomb between them. If you are good with a box cutter, you can do the job with it. But make sure the hole is round. For an easier cut, use a jigsaw.

Reassemble the frame.

Waterproofing the puppy den

Clean the “floor” of the frame and start adding tiles. I glued them down with an appropriate strong glue and allowed it to cure. (My glue of choice was Maxbond, but any mosaic tile glue will be okay for the job.) Remember to tile up the sides too to seal the joints.

After the glue has cured, clean the surface and start grouting between the tiles following the instructions of the grout you purchased. You may need to do this 2 to 3 times depending on the instructions of your product. Do allow it to cure completely. (This is an important step as it ensures that there are no gaps and allows for some waterproofing.)

Next, apply waterproof sealant. (This step helps to keep the grout dust down and this additional layer improves the waterproofing.)

Curtains for a little privacy

If you wish to add curtains to the “front door” of your dog bed, stick on 3M hooks on the left and right of the frame. Let it cure for the time mentioned on the packaging.

If your rod is of the right length, use as is, if not, bend the rod with a pair of pliers.

Sew the curtain and slip it onto the rod. (With this, you can also easily remove the curtains for washing.)

Place the BESTÅ shelf on the same level as the curtains. You can also omit the shelf if you have a larger dog.

You can add a dog pad and blankets on the tiled floor to make things a bit more cozy.

How long and how much did it cost?

It took me about 12 days, working on it in my spare time. Total cost is USD$105 including the BESTÅ.

What do you like most about the hack?

The dog bed end table goes with my furniture. What I like most is it’s a safe place my puppy can relax in.

What was the hardest part about this hack?

Tiling the windows due to the circular nature.

What to pay special attention to?

Ensuring the tiles in the holes are well glued on so that they will not come off during grouting, you don’t want your pet to be eating grout or the tiles.

Looking back, would you have done it differently?

Initially, I started the hack with a laminate sticker for waterproofing. My pup was not a fan and I had to strip it all out. I would have gone straight with the tiles if I had known. Took a bit more work but well worth the effort. He loves it now. 

~ by Amanda Tay

BESTÅ dog bed end table, chrome version

Our dog, Maggie is crate trained and has always slept in a dog crate in our bedroom. After recently moving into a new home, we saw that the old, worn-out crate was taking up too much room, and decided that it was time for a new practical comfortable place for Maggie.

Maggie likes the comfort and security of a crate, and has always refused to use only a pillow or dog bed. We had been using this BESTÅ television stand as an end table and to store blankets, but realized that with a few changes, it could be put to better use as a fancy customized dog crate end table.

IKEA BESTÅ TV frame with chrome underframe next to puppy looking at camera

IKEA item used:

BESTÅ TV Unit with steel chrome-plated underframe

How to make a dog bed frame with panel curtains

I used the BESTÅ TV unit (which we had originally bought with the optional steel, chrome-plated underframe), and removed the center shelf and pegs.

I then made two separate curtains to give the pup a little privacy, but still allow easy access to her bed.

For these I used a woven-cotton fabric, backed with muslin. I cut the fabric to cover the open front of the BESTÅ, then assembled the pieces with my sewing machine. I also sewed two strips of Velcro to the tops of each curtain, and adhered the Velcro’s opposite side to the front edge of the unit (this was the peel-and-stick type Velcro). This allows the curtains to be easily removed for washing.

For the bed pad itself, I bought a cheap faux-sheepskin crate pillow from the pet store down the street. Then, I sewed a bright red cover. I can easily remove it and throw it into the laundry.

As for the pup, she’s really taken to her fancy new sleep sanctuary. It’s cozy and calm for her, and looks stylish in our new bedroom.

~ By Maggie’s mom