Build a snazzy mudroom with IKEA BESTÅ cabinets

ikea mudroom with besta cabinets

I’m really proud of the mudroom I built in my entryway.  Though some of the items came from my local hardware store, a lot of it is from IKEA.

IKEA items used:

KALLAX bookshelves x 2
BESTÅ storage units x 2
LACK shelf
RAMSHULT brackets
SVARTSJON hooks (discontinued, so purchased when heavily discounted – woot!)

Building a mudroom with IKEA BESTÅ cabinets

The thing that took the most time was building the framing behind the IKEA furniture.  Because of the skirting board, the BESTÅ units at the bottom sat about an inch in front of the wall. 

I went a bit overboard (as I didn’t want to cut into the furniture) and built a big frame which I then covered in thin plywood. 

Though kind of unnecessary, it did make for a clean finish and gave some really strong support to the decorative framing to which I affixed the SVARTSJON hooks. (read: the hooks aren’t gonna be falling off anytime soon). 

Mudroom built with IKEA BESTA Cabinets and LACK shelves. SVARTSJON hooks hold up backpacks
testing the hooks

I was also able to sneak an extension cord through the framing, meaning that I have an electrical outlet on one of the KALLAX shelves. And I’ve since set up two LIVBOJ chargers, which means I can just chuck my phone on charge the minute I walk in the door.

I had to trim the LACK shelf to size, so it would fit snugly between the two KALLAX shelves, and while I had originally wanted something a bit deeper (i.e. the same as the KALLAX shelves 39cm depth), I’m actually really glad the LACK shelf is only 26cm deep. 

Having the shelf set back a little means that even the tallest of my visitors won’t hit their head when they sit down to pull their shoes on. 

Buying from As-is

Where I could, I tried to keep it affordable by buying second hand. I also bought one of the BESTÅ units from the ‘seconds’ area at IKEA (my new favourite place). I got it for about a 30% discount – and I didn’t have to assemble it.  Win.  

There are a few non-IKEA items, like the baskets (Target) in the cubbies. And the padded seat (thick plywood with a layer of foam on top and some outdoor/waterproof/stainproof fabric) for the bench, but it’s mostly IKEA. 

And here it is, all done. Our hallway mudroom consists of IKEA KALLAX units on the left and right for open shelving. BESTÅ cabinets work as a bench with storage space for gloves, socks, etc. And the LACK shelves positioned to almost look like crown moulding.

Mudroom built with IKEA BESTA Cabinets and LACK shelves. SVARTSJON hooks for coats

I love my IKEA hack. It took a dead bit of space in my entryway and turned it into a practical and pretty storage solution.

Hope it provides a little inspiration for more IKEA mudrooms.

~ by Tam


I stumbled across a bargain in the scratch and dent room at IKEA. It was a BESTÅ TV Bench with a small scratch on the top.

An idea soon brewed in my mind and I decided to use it to make a simple IKEA DIY mudroom bench for our foyer.

IKEA item used: 


How I built a BESTA mudroom storage bench: 

After lugging it home, I placed it in by our front door. I topped the bench with one long piece of lumber.

IKEA BESTA TV unit made into a foyer bench with lockers built above it

I removed one of the shelves and used it for a leg on the opposite end of the bench. Then, I built four simple lockers above.

Added hooks for coat racks.

I painted the wall behind the lockers with chalkboard paint. On hindsight, I wish that I had painted the wall and then built the lockers.

The cat welcomes the new entryway storage bench. Perfect spot for a snooze.

~ Stacy Davis, Orlando, FL

IKEA BESTÅ cabinets for a large mudroom

IKEA BESTA cabinets mudroom hack

We (ie. my contractor) demo-ed the inside of the mudroom – including the subfloor – and then insulated it and put it all back together – with forced air and in floor electric heat, new electrical, new doors, dog shower, a recycling door and a cat door.

The builder did all of that work.

I just did the mudroom lockers with the IKEA BESTÅ cabinets and a few other things. My only power tool is a drill and so all my cutting was done the old-fashioned way. My skill level is medium-low. With this hack, I felt like I had to MacGyver almost every single thing. Read more.