IKEA x Swedish House Mafia unveils surprising new record player

OBEGRÄNSAD ikea swedish house mafia record player

IKEA and EDM supergroup Swedish House Mafia made some noise at the IKEA Festival during 2022 Milan Design Week. They unveiled the first items from its upcoming 20-piece collaboration called OBEGRÄNSAD.

Among the products revealed, no doubt, the record player was the one that caught people’s attention.

It has all the classic simple lines from IKEA, dressed in SHM’s signature all black. The price is TBC but if we know IKEA, they will make it affordable.

One of the designers working on the project, Friso Wiersma says, “I remember Axwell said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy a record player as a gift for a friend?’, and that became sort of a brief. To make something so simple, so accessible, and sort of plug-and-play that you could basically buy it as a gift for anyone who enjoys music.”

OBEGRÄNSAD ikea swedish mafia house record player

The first IKEA turntable

The OBEGRÄNSAD record player will feature a replaceable cartridge and needle of well-known make and good quality. Its solid-circle-in-a-chunky-box design hides a built-in preamplifier, powered by a simple USB cable. The record player will work with the IKEA ENEBY bluetooth speakers or any other speakers.

Besides the turntable, IKEA and Swedish House Mafia also revealed a music production desk and an armchair to enjoy the music, presumably. The OBEGRÄNSAD desk is focused on music production at home, with an elevated speaker stand on each side and a retractable shelf beneath the desk.

OBEGRÄNSAD ikea swedish mafia house music production desk

“Sound is everything in music, and we have added two speaker stands to the desk in order to bring the speakers to the ear level,” Wiersma explained. “We have also added a pull-out shelf below the desktop. This functionality allows you to have a MIDI keyboard, for example, in easy reach, while maximising space on your desktop.” Can we add we have a similar music desk IKEA hack?

FRAKTA reimagined for music

Other than these 3 items, they also launched a series of new FRAKTA mods. These are bags using the sturdy crinkly material for music gear, making music on the go easier. The first is an accessory bag with pockets to sort out cables, cords and the like. The second is a padded shoulder bag fit for a laptop. The last one, is a square zippered bag that can go from small to large — rumoured large enough to hold a 100 vinyl records.

ikea swedish mafia house frakta bags

“It’s meant for vinyl, and for DJs that bring them to concerts or people that bring them to friends’ places to play”, says Friso.

It’s not the first time IKEA collaborated on music and sound. A few years ago, IKEA and Teenage Engineering launched FREKVENS, a series of party speakers and gear. IKEA also has a long-standing collab with SONOS, producing a line up of speaker lamps, picture frames and most famous of all, bookshelf speakers.