Do It Yourself Lemonade Stand: A homemade hack

The reason for this IKEA hack was because my daughter suddenly wanted a lemonade stand and at the same moment she also wanted another wardrobe.

Rather than discarding the IKEA MAMMUT wardrobe, I repurposed it into a lemonade stand. 

In recent years, she has defrauded children in the neighborhood of thousands of kroner selling expensive lemonade and cookies. 🙂

DIY lemonade stand from IKEA MAMMUT wardrobe

IKEA items used:

IKEA MAMMUT single door wardrobe

Other items used:

Wood planks
Lockable castor wheels
Inflatable pool float

How to make a lemonade stand: 

I just drew a sketch of which parts I planned to use for the stand.  

Lemonade stand cart plans

First I built a stable structure from wood planks as a foundation. Added wheels to easily push the lemonade cart to the best spot for business.

For the side panels of the lemonade stand, I used the two side panels from the wardrobe. I used a jigsaw to shorten them with a diagonal cut. Then, joined the two at the top with wood planks to create a frame.

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The door of the old wardrobe is the now the front panel of the cafe. I adjusted the length of the door horizontally so that it matched the foundation.

Building the countertop for the lemonade stand

I used a thin countertop as the tabletop, which is fixed at the center of the structure. The countertop is supported by wood planks from the base.

I saved the old drawer from the MAMMUT as storage behind the counter.

As for the roof, I used masonite to add some stability. You can use other materials such as plywood too. The MAMMUT handles in red plastic then became perfect as handles on the side. The plastic from the inflatable pool float was glued to the masonite.

Finish with flag banners, canopy, menu boards, “cafe” signage and just like that, the IKEA hack DIY lemonade stand is open for business.

~ by Magnus

Rather not DIY a lemonade stand? You can also hack an IKEA Arcade Cabinet using the same MAMMUT wardrobe.

What is the IKEA MAMMUT?

The IKEA MAMMUT is a range of bright cheerful children’s furniture designed by Morten Kjelstrup and Allan Östgaard. The range included a kids bed frame, wardrobe, chests of drawers and shelf unit made of wood. The MAMMUT table, chair and stool are made of plastic and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Is the IKEA MAMMUT wardrobe discontinued?

The MAMMUT wardrobes are no longer available at IKEA. For now, you can still get the MAMMUT children’s chair, table and stool.