6 Hidden Rooms You Can Create in Your Home

girl opens doors to secret room
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The allure of secret passageways and hidden rooms had captivated our imaginations since childhood when we dreamed of opening the door to faraway places and mysterious lands. While recreating this sense of wonder in our homes may not lead us to Narnia, it’s not as far-fetched as it seems and can still bring a sense of excitement and joy. With creativity and ingenuity, we can create our own hidden spaces and add a touch of magic to our homes.

Cari Bateman, Designer at Neville Johnson, said, “Secret spaces within the home do not have to be just a dream for homeowners; they are, in fact, a very attainable renovation. Made possible with bespoke fitted furniture, your hidden space can cater to any of your needs; whether you are looking for a recreational space to unwind or a place to hide away your overflowing wardrobe, a hidden room can be a reality for any home.”

What are some of the best passageways to hidden rooms? Where will it lead? Read on to see six ways to create secret rooms and doors within your home.

1. The Vinyl Room

Photo Credit: Neville Johnson

Imagine a secret door opening up to a bespoke secret room for your favorite hobby to be enjoyed in your own company. The vinyl room from Neville Johnson oozes escapism, a space crafted specifically for the homeowner to relax in peace. Wall-to-wall open shelving stores your entire collection. Additionally, incorporating a built-in bespoke wine bar creates an ideal space for enjoying your favorite drink in the privacy of your own room. With this setup, you can have your music and wine collection within arm’s reach, creating a cozy and convenient space to relax and unwind. Well hidden behind a secret door. 

2. Whiskey and Tea Library

From the main room, it looks like a regular row of bookcases | Photo Credit: Meg Salocks

Don’t let an odd space with too many openings go to waste – turn it into an opportunity to hack a secret bookcase door! Meg used IKEA BILLY bookcases to create the illusion of a regular bookcase in the main room but with a twist. Check out the next slide to see how it looks.

Whiskey and Tea Library – doors opened

Double doors open up to secret room | Photo Credit: Meg Salocks

A double door opens to reveal a secret room, complete with a whiskey and tea library. The result is a functional addition to her home that adds a touch of mystery and excitement.

3. Kids Secret Hideout

Secret room under a loft bed | Photo Credit: Eric Strong

Who says you need an entire room to have a secret hideout? With some DIY skills, you can add a hidden space under a loft bed. This simple yet effective DIY project is a great way to add a touch of whimsy to your kid’s room.

Kids Secret Hideout – fake book door opener

Pull the fake book to open the door to the secret hideout | Photo Credit: Eric Strong

For an added touch of mystery, turn a fake book into a locking mechanism for the bookcase door.

Kids Secret Hideout – secret bookcase door

Bookcase door opens up to reveal secret hideout | Photo Credit: Eric Strong

Convert a wall shelving unit into a hinged door to hide the secret passageway.

4. A Walk-in Closet through a Wardrobe

A row of IKEA PAX wardrobes cover up a reach-in closet | Photo Credit: Matthew Jenkins

If you don’t have enough space for a walk-in closet, think again! While this is not a simple DIY, you can create a walk-in closet by building a row of wardrobes before an existing reach-in closet. This simple yet effective solution provides double the storage space and creates a walk-in nook. You’ll be amazed at how much extra storage you can gain with this clever setup. 

A Walk-in Closet through a Wardrobe

Photo Credit: Matthew Jenkins

Walk through either one of the doors of the IKEA PAX wardrobe to access the reach-in closet. Add floor-to-ceiling height shelving on the walls of the reach-in closet to maximize storage.

You may also like this stunning cherry wood closet with a passageway that opens to a walk-in closet.

5. A Private Sitting Room

Divide two spaces with a sliding bookcase hack | Photo Credit: Andy Vickers

This IKEA KALLAX hack encloses the sitting room with a set of sliding bookcases. It creates privacy for the lounge and effectively divides the space from the dining room. Bonus points! The KALLAX shelving units can be used in both rooms. 

6. Hidden Home Office

Murphy bookcase door | Photo Credit: Jen

A Murphy door conceals a home office or guest room and provides storage. This innovative bookcase door swings open to reveal a fully functional room with all the amenities you need. When you’re done using the space, close the door to hide any clutter and keep your home looking neat and tidy.

Hidden Home Office – Open for Business

Murphy bookcase door | Photo Credit: Jen

With a Murphy door, you can have the best of both worlds – a functional space when needed and a hidden room when you don’t.

Visit IKEA Hackers for even more DIY projects and genius hacks for your IKEA furniture.

More hidden IKEA hacks

Photo Credit: Emma van Tilburg

This clever DIY hidden desk allows you to create a functional workspace that’s discreetly stowed away when not in use. The middle cabinet features a slide-out keyboard shelf and a modified top panel that’s perfect for a monitor. To create more leg room, the bottom panel has been cut out. With this setup, you can have a designated workspace that doesn’t take up valuable living space.

Workspace in a bookcase

Photo Credit: Sharon Cozad

A workspace that’s built into an IKEA BILLY bookcase. The bookcase provides ample storage for office materials, files and other items, while the workspace itself is clean and uncluttered. With this compact home office setup, you can have a designated workspace that doesn’t take up valuable living space, and your guests will never know it’s there!

Hidden Coffee Table Hack

Photo Credit: Bence Fazekas

This is a quite a simple IKEA hack for creating a hidden, space saving coffee table almost completely out of IKEA parts. Store it away when you don’t need a coffee table.

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