Entryway Storage And Bench from 2 Unexpected IKEA items

entryway storage and bench DIY
Photo Credit: Luca @homewithluca

Crafting a functional and stylish entryway poses a common challenge, but Luca, the creative mind behind @homewithluca, ingeniously tackled it by seamlessly merging IKEA PAX and NORDLI units. The result? A stylish entryway storage and bench unit for the perfect shoe-putting-on experience.

Luca shared his journey on his Story Highlights, detailing every step, from hacking the IKEA pieces to adding the finishing touches.

The IKEA materials required for this DIY project included two PAX closets and a NORDLI modular 2-drawer chest.

Photo Credit: IKEA.com

Step 1: Assembly

Luca started the project by buying two IKEA PAX wardrobe frames with doors and a NORDLI 2-drawer dresser unit. After assembling the pieces, he installed the PAX vertically against the hallway wall, anchoring it securely as the primary storage component.

Step 2: Placement

Adjacent to the PAX unit, Luca positioned the NORDLI chest of drawers to introduce extra storage and create a built-in bench. Luca constructed a wooden base to ensure a unified level, leveling and centering the NORDLI unit between the PAX and the right wall.

Step 3: Closing Gaps

Then, he closed up the gaps surrounding the NORDLI chest with trim pieces, creating the built-in look. Luca also added a wooden board atop the chest aligned flush with the extra trim on the drawer.

Step 4: Adding Trim

A standout feature of this entryway setup was Luca’s addition of trim to the NORDLI drawers and molding to the PAX doors, elevating the overall refinement. His rationale? “I find the doors too modern, without any particular interest,” he explained, infusing his touch through personalized trim.

Step 5: Sealing The Space Above

The awkward space above the PAX wardrobes, extending to the sloping ceiling, was sealed with drywall, ensuring a clean and polished finish.

Step 6: Prime

Moving on to the aesthetics, Luca applied a primer to the IKEA laminate surfaces before painting. “These are IKEA furniture. Therefore, applying a primer before painting is necessary,” he clarified.

Step 7: Paint

Luca coated the entire storage unit and bench in a warm beige (TF 265-1 Grisou), blending the mixed pieces into a seamless built-in entryway storage and bench unit. He recommends a protective varnish to prevent flaking and shield the surfaces from wear and tear.

Step 8: Install Handles

Luca finished his IKEA hack by installing door handles on the PAX doors and NORDLI drawers, all spray-painted in bronze to match the mirror’s frame.

Step 9: Baseboard

A simple plinth along the bottom of the PAX and bench added the finishing touch, completing the built-in appearance.

Step 10: Final Touches

Luca added simple accessories like a mirror and pillows to style the built-in bench nook. 

Now, his entryway has plenty of organized storage and a cozy nook for removing shoes – all for a very affordable price. His clever IKEA hack proves big design changes don’t require a big budget.

Luca’s Instagram post showcasing the DIY entryway storage and bench unit amassed over 105K likes, with followers commenting “perfect for the entrance” and “super beautiful.”

The best IKEA hacks often happen through the combination of seemingly unexpected IKEA pieces. Luca has transformed storage units meant for the bedroom into a functional and eye-catching entryway hub.

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