IKEA TROFAST hacks for toys and more

The TROFAST is the foremost toy storage system at IKEA. The IKEA TROFAST range consists of mainly 2 elements.

1. Storage frames in vertical and horizontal configurations plus a unique stair-like frame.

2. Bins of different sizes in plastic and newly introduced mesh.

It appears simple but these 2 elements can produce a whole lot of possibilities. You can mix and match the TROFAST and IKEA hack to your heart’s content to get just the right kind of storage for your kids toys. Like this all-time favorite TROFAST LEGO station hack and TROFAST seat with cushions for a cosy reading nook.

But wait, we’re not limited to toys here. The TROFAST is hacked in so many ways and used in a variety of ways, such as for understairs storage, kids desk and chair setup even as steps up to a tiny home.

When buying the TROFAST, bear in mind there are two versions. One is made from solid pine with an acrylic finish. The other is made from particleboard (aka compressed wood) and may be offered in colors like white or black.

The solid wood version is pricier but may be more durable against knocks and bumps in the long run. It’s less likely to warp or bubble up from water spills or humidity if you intend to use it for water play. And in the future, when the kids are grown, solid wood is easier to cut up, sand down and paint if you want to repurpose the TROFAST into something new.

Either way, the IKEA TROFAST is a good choice and a wonderful one to hack.