claire’s quick chair cover up

while browsing flickr i came across this snazzy chair by claire of poopscape. she not only does good with this hack, her site is chock-a-block with crafty stuff and cheeky inspiration. go check it out.

and here’s how claire’s chair got some chic.

“for the past two years i’ve been sitting on a molded plastic student chair at work because the school where I teach doesn’t supply teachers with decent furniture until you make a gigantic stink about it. i went ahead and bought an ikea bonny swivel chair that was on sale and then proceeded to do my crafty thing all over it.

the reupholstery job i did was pretty easy – perhaps a little too easy and i’m still waiting for it to come apart, but so far so good. i’m sure there’s a way to take the chair apart and do the job properly, but i didn’t want to screw up my new chair. the way i ended up reupholstering it is pretty much reversible if i decide to remove it later on.

i used some reproduction barkcloth remnants i had left over from another project. since the cushions are somewhat flatish, it was easy to lay the fabric on them and measure that way. i cut the fabric several inches too big on all sides and tucked it into the plastic lip of the chair base using a screwdriver – i love it when i can multipurpose my tools! the plastic lip kept the fabric in place pretty well, but i squished some hot glue in a few places between the fabric and the plastic base to help anchor it. i tested my crappy reupholstering job by getting my 3 year old to bounce around on it. sound as a pound.”

another chair hack:
> hate the fabric colour? just paint it!

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Jules Yap