eat and then play pacman

tony tips me on this dinner table (i think it is a bjursta), with leaves that slide out to reveal a MAME table. fantastic!

eric says, “playing ms. pacman at the bar is great fun, but hard on the liver. i have recreated the experience by building my own sit-down MAME cabinet, and well-stocking my drinks cabinet (not pictured.)

this ikea dinner table is expandable; it slides apart and more leaves can be inserted. when closed, it functions as a ‘dinner table’ (that is, a place to pile my crap (temporarily relocated to the floor nearby). it can be opened to reveal a sit-down MAME cabinet.

the display is a 15″ LCD i got on sale. the controls are all from Happ Controls, and they’re wired to an Ultimarc I-PAC .”

see more of eric’s ikea mame dining table (via boing boing)