Snap away with these DIY light tents

I received an excellent list of Ikea light tent hacks from Chris. Easy peasy and most of all, super cheap.

This is using the Liesta laundry hamper. I couldn’t find the Liesta on the website but found a rather similar one called the Fyllen. An energy saving lamp is added to it, from the back.


See more of this light tent on so do it

Zepofan uses the Jall laundry bag (white, of course). It’s a no-brainer now that I see how it’s done. All it needs is a piece of string, strategically tied to keep the stand from collapsing.

Another laundry item to make it as a light tent is the Antonius laundry bag frame. It requires more work as you’ll need to sew a cover for the frame. Björn used the Sova twin bedsheet for the cover, which I think is kind of a waste as you’ll have quite a bit of material left over.


Hacking this Antonius could possibly be easier as it already comes with a bag. You’ll just need to find a way to keep the bag from crumpling. Clips? Sticks? Lots of possibilities. View more of Bjorn’s Antonius light tent

The last one I have is from Michele who has Riaz to thank for it. While the others are good for photographing small objects, this one works great for portraits.


First remove the bottom of the Koja tent and use the material to close the “door” of the tent. Then spray the insides with glue and affix mylar foil inside the tent. Sew on some bits of velcro to the four sides of the tent to hold the shower curtain liner, trimmed to size, in place as the diffuser.

See Michele’s light tent. Go here for Riaz’ instructions.

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