XL cutting table

A husband is a good thing, I’m gathering from these recent hacks. Handy hubby Larry whips up this mega-sized cutting table for his wife’s fabric and sewing business.

He says, “My wife runs an internet-based fabric and sewing business and recently took some office space. She wanted a new cutting table for the space with a couple of requirements: 

  • It had to be big. Really big.
  • It had to be smooth so as not to catch fabric on it when laying out and cutting patterns
  • It had to be high – higher than the normal 35″ countertops

Our solution? A 4′ x 8′ sheet of laminated particle board (from Loews), trimmed with oak, on a couple Ikea Galant bases and legs. The Galant legs extend the table top up to 40″ high, making for a very comfortable working area.

Cool stuff, ideally suited to the task at hand without blowing a bundle (whole thing came in under $350).”

The inaugural stitching-n-bitching round the new table. 

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Jules Yap