A felt cover for Grono

Some times we buy stuff only to regret it. It happened to Sara recently but thanks to the ‘extra felt’ lying around, she could dress up her Grono lamps tastefully. 

She says, “I recently bought 2 Grono lamps off of Craigslist but when I got them home, I hated the way they looked and the harsh light that they emitted! After a couple of weeks of hiding them in the closet I remembered that I had some extra felt laying around. I have been reading a lot about felt these days and have seen some interesting applications of felt and lighting fixtures. So, I decided to design a jacket for my lamps which softens the light and make the lamp so much more interesting!

Obviously this is a simple fix. I took felt that was 18″ in width (a little bit longer then the actual circumference) recycled some old shirt buttons, sewed them on about 3/4″ from one edge and then cut corresponding slits to accommodate the buttons on the other end. Easy and a big improvement!”

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Jules Yap