Knife drawer with glue and wood!

Laura shows off her chops. I can’t imagine what all the knives are for. (A ninja? Heh.) I only use one to cut everything, from apples to zucchinis.

She says, “Ikea recently discontinued the little knife-holder plastic inserts for their Rationell drawer divider… just when I was redoing my kitchen and wanted to put all my sharp things away! Anyway, I tried to purchase a ready-made knife holder drawer (but it is really expensive to have it ship to Italy!)

I made my own and during the process I discovered that it was even easier than I had thought. I measured my longest knife blade for the length of the long slats, and steak knife blades for the length of the short slats. I began to hot-glue the slats on the Ikea rubber drawer liner to line them up and prepare them for screwing, from the other side…. but I discovered that the hot-glue fused fully with the rubber of the drawer liner and greated a very strong hold. So… all I did was just glue the little lengths of wood and spent a total of €5 in materials. Here’s how it looks without the knives.

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