Lack Lego table

Materials: Lack side table, 4 Lego 10×10 bases and adhesive putty.

Description: My son plays with his Lego almost daily but I got tired of them all over my coffee table. Some of his creations he didn’t want take apart and put away and he likes to sit at the table. I wanted something that wasn’t too terribly big and that wasn’t made out of plastic as most premade Lego tables are.

Easy solution, I bought a side Lack table (beauty that it comes in so many colors to match your decor) and four 10×10 Lego base boards. I then placed the boards where I wanted. My original thought was to epoxy glue them down but why ruin the table? I used adhesive putty to secure the boards to the table. That way the boards stay put and when he grows out of Legos I can still use the table for something else. It’s a perfect height for sitting on a footstool to play and I slide my tote (to keep his Legos) under the table.

Too simple.

~ Christie Phillips, Holland, MI


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