Bedroom Litter Box

Materials: Stolmen Chest with 2 drawers

Description: We share our bedroom with the cat’s litter box, which is the only suitable space in our apartment. I came across this site a few months ago and was inspired to make a hack that would hide the box and allow us to use the space above it. There were a few obstacles:
– the size of our Littermaid Automatic litter box (25″x20″) – larger than many others.
– I wanted a drawer so that I could clean it easily without having to pull out the litter tray.
– I wanted something inexpensive, enclosed and attractive for a bedroom.

The Stolmen 2 chest drawer is $100, very large and seemed perfect for our room. I wanted a nicely finished hole for the cat so I purchased a interior small pet door from the pet shop for $19.

The hack was simple. We cut a hole that matched the pet door in the top drawer, assembled the unit according to the directions except that we attached the 2 drawer fronts, sides, bottom and backs with metal brackets (hardware store)and only put in 1 drawer bottom.

It’s been about a month and we are very happy. We ended up using a standard deep litter box as we were having trouble with the automatic one and this one seems to work better for our cat.

This site is amazing. Besides this hack I have made a coat rack from the Stolmen similar to the vertical pot rack posted here. And I’ve refinished a Rast dresser (stained and new knobs) to store our gloves and hats by the door. My 10 year old son is also a big fan. He has asked me to add a Lack shelf as stair to a cat bed above the Stolmen chest (seen still in the box in the pictures).

~ T. Anna, NYC