Expedit iTV audio corner retuned

Materials: Expedit and aluminium strip

Description: The inspiration for my hack was the Expedit Hi-Fi unit from Jon Dowland on 7 January 2012! As you all can see my Internet corner was a mess and needed a refreshment! With my Ikea Christmas tree card I bought a brown Expedit 2×2.

Expedit TV audio corner
Expedit TV audio corner
Expedit TV audio corner

1: Made a top and side connection.
2: Repositioned upper divider to 45cm.
3: Added a aluminium strip for one extra shelf.
4: Drilled a few extra holes for cabling.
5: Placed on the wall and placed some equipment (audioset, vdsl modem, NAS, WD Mediacenter, 1GB Ethernet switch)

I placed it 10 cm above the ground.

~ Harry E., Nederland

Jules Yap