Julia wanted a credenza. Julia got a monster.

Materials: 3 Akurum kitchen cabinets with Avsikt frosted doors, 8 capita legs and, yellowpine and moulding cut to length.

After finding out just what the hell a “credenza” was, I realized I liked the idea of one but am not a fan of the modern/midcentury aesthetic. After stumbling upon this website and “Ted’s Terrific Sideboard” in particular, I sought out to just build what I wanted to look at (for literally thousands of dollars less).

I started by building the cabinets and then went to my local lumber supplier to have my sheets of pine cut to size (they even planed the side panels on two separate occasions for me because i measured wrong too. Thanks Glendale Lumber Supply). I finished it with multiple coats of linseed oil and then buffed it out with some steel wool. The only negative? This thing is gigantic and weighs more than a Fiat so hopefully we never have to move again. Also, I think there’s probably something to be said about the juxtaposition of aluminum encased in wood that’s pretty cool.

~ Adam H., Queens, NY