Kura bed cottage hack

Materials: KURA BED, MDF

Description: All you need is an Ikea Kura bed, turned on its upside, so the mattress is at the lowest point.

Cut the mdf to the right length (for the front side), mark a halfway point and this is where the point of the roof is.

Cut with a jigsaw or circular saw and place behind the bars of the bed and secure with screws.

Do the same to the rear side of the bed and secure to the bars of the bed. You won’t need one for the end of the bed as it’s already enclosed. Leave the other one open as you will need to fit the mattress in!

Secure all sides of the bed with corner brackets for extra security and sturdiness!

For the roof, you need to measure 2 pieces of wood that slightly overlap the sides and with small nails secure into the sides of the mdf. Once secure use small screws around the edges, do this for both sides.

Inside the bed, you need 2 angled flat brackets to connect to 2 parts of the roof together.

Once you have the main unit, you need a jigsaw to cut windows and doors.

Use thin bits of wood to create some definition on window frames and other parts!

And it’s as easy a that!

~ Emily Howard, Essex, UK