New headboard for old

Materials: old Ikea bed frame, single ikea duvet, Ikea Malin Vag fabric, plywood, staple gun, velcro cable ties

Description: Did you know that 1 in 10 Europeans were conceived on an Ikea bed? Our little scamp is among that flat-packed-furniture-boot-knockin 10% so even though our bed had it’s fair share of battle scars & we really wanted a funky new frame, I decided to see what creative improvement I could come up with for sentimental reasons – & saved a few hundred euros in the process!

As the old Ikea frame was still in excellent, no-squeaking, sturdy-enough-to-bounce-on condition I realized that all that was needed to add some more groove to our bedroom was a new head & foot board.

Here’s the super simple penny pinching how-to.

~ Sheri, Berlin