ODDA and a half

Materials: 2 ODDA wardrobes. Nothing else.

Description: I liked the design of the ODDA wardrobe, but a single one was not enough. My problem was that I have a sloping ceiling so there wasn’t enough room for two ODDA’s.

My hack consisted in using one and a half out of two wardrobes and combining them into one single unit.

You start by building a normal right half.

Then you have to drill a few 5mm holes to attach the middle shelf of the central part.

The most delicate operation is the shortening of the left side. The panels are hollow and I wanted at clean top edge so I cut the surplus at the bottom and inserted at bit of scrap wood in the void at the bottom.

This panel now needs drilling quite a few new holes because everything has been shifted downwards.

Once the left panel is ready, everything can be assembled like a normal ODDA.

As a side note, what is left over can be assembled into a one-module wardrobe.

My plan is to add an extra compartment with a top-hinged door on top of the right side. This will give a nice staircase effect and more storage at no cost.

~ Finn Bo Jørgensen, Brittany, France