Kitchen shelves from a wardrobe door

Materials: door to Ikea wardrobe, hand saw, drill, screw driver, screws

Description: I picked up a used Ikea wardrobe for nothing from some nice Brazilians moving away from Berlin –the land of recycled Ikea junk. (Don’t fret, I bought some of their other more valuable stuff, like a sofa.)

Anyway, there were some extra doors from another identical Ikea wardrobe that sort of fell apart in its dis-assembly. I didn’t need more doors, but I did need some kitchen shelves… So, with a few hand tools, I cut up the door into what I think are much nicer looking shelves. The trick was to plan it so the wood trim would always be on the outside edges. The other trick was to use skinny screws (like drywall screws) that don’t over-strain the very crappy and fragile particle board. (Don’t even think about using nails!)

I have gone thru the Ikea online catalogue but cannot seem to find this particular style. Maybe it is now discontinued, or like so many Ikea items, simply not on the web site.

Anyway, this is not so much a hack as simply using free Ikea materials to build something useful… I hope still counts!

Attached is a pic of the shelves and also a pic of the raw materials. And a pic of the wardrobe (actually modified a bit to have a hanger all the way across the top, but not that special a change).

~ Jeff A, Berlin