Lay down and roll over Benno

Materials: Benno DVD tower,Ekby Tore brackets

Description: I am into papercrafting and I needed some small storage above my worktable. I bought a Benno DVD tower with the intention of laying it on its side. I cut some off of the bottom of it to allow it to fit in my alcove space. When I was assembling the piece I discovered that they provided channels for the piece of hardboard on the back to slide into.

I decided to roll it over and make the back into the front. I cut the hardboard into thirds. I drilled finger holes in two of them and put them on either end to hide some of the clutter. I applied iron-on melamine edging to cover the raw edges of the top, bottom,and center support.

I had a scrap piece of hardboard left over from another project so I cut it to fit on the back. I joined the shelves in H configurations to further divide the space behind the doors. The whole thing is supported by three Ekby Tore brackets. It gave me all the storage I needed for the items that I use most often.

~ Nancy Leigh Leidy, United States