Cat Litter Box Hacks in 2 styles for IKEA EXPEDIT and KALLAX

The IKEA EXPEDIT has been transformed into a cat litter box in so many ways. Since the IKEA EXPEDIT is discontinued, you can also use the IKEA KALLAX shelving unit. Here are a few ideas on how to get it done — in a horizontal or vertical style.

Horizontal 2×4 EXPEDIT cat litter box

IKEA expedit cat litter box in horizontal style
IKEA items used:

EXPEDIT shelving unit 2 x 4
FINFÖRDELA flexible chopping board

Hack an IKEA EXPEDIT cat litter box:

Change the 2 short boards with the long one in the middle.
Drill 4 new holes in the side walls for the long board.

litter pan
cut out on the side of the EXPEDIT for access
cat litter shovel holder

Cut a passage on the left or right for the cat to access the litter box.

Get a piece of wood in the color you like for the cover in the front.

For the shovel storage take a piece of the flexible cutting board FINFÖRDELA and 2 long screws. Make holes on the 4 corners and drill through. The head of the screw will keep the board open and curved. Just right for the shovel.


~ by Trisu, Switzerland

Vertical 4×2 EXPEDIT cat litter box

IKEA expedit cat litter box in vertical style
IKEA item used:

PATRULL kids safety clasp (similar on Amazon)

Hack a tall standing cat litter cover

My cats litter box is not very good looking and I wanted to hide it somewhere.

Also I hate to see cat litter scattered around. So I thought putting litter box inside something would resolve my problems.

Here’s my solution.

IKEA expedit cat litter box in vertical style
cat box hidden behind the front
front panel dropped down for cat to access the box

Take an EXPEDIT 2×4 (701.030.85). Assemble the top 4 shelves. Use one remaining shelf as a door.

Use one pack of PATRULL kid locks to clasp door. Look at the pics and you will get the idea.

No more cat litter around my room 🙂

~ by Ilker Kopan, Istanbul

Litter in disguise

I share a studio apartment with a furry young gentleman named Peanut. He’s a great roommate, but his litter box clashes with my aesthetic – not to mention the precious square footage that it occupies. So when I bought a new bookshelf for my entryway, I decided to make it double as a litter box hideaway as well. See the cat litter disguise.

litter box disguised in an EXPEDIT / KALLAX shelving unit

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