L-shaped wall divider with IKEA BILLY and friends

A transformer monster escaped from the IKEAhackers website and transformed my living room. Originally there was a 3 meter wall divider from BILLY bookcases at the entry way. (See the hack on IKEAhackers). L-shaped wall divider with IKEA BILLY and friends

  • Billy
  • Benno
  • Moreno
  • Stockholm
DIY L shaped wall divider:

Now there is an L-shaped wall with an entry way into the living room. Combination of Billy and Benno form the wall with cut down Benno over the cabinets. I used Stockholm for lighting.

L-shaped wall divider with IKEA BILLY and friends

L-shaped wall divider with IKEA BILLY and friends

At the entry way on the left, 2 Moreno doors hide the back of an 80cm Billy that the faces into the living room. Two Moreno to the right do open to two 80 cm Billy bookcases. Still some painting to do and add more Stockholm lights (2).

~ Barry, Germany

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I built a 3 meter wide by 2.30 tall entry way and living room divider. The entry way has 2 Billy bookcases fixed together as one unit, with no back attached to the other. Inside the top part has a rod for coats and the bottom has a sliding part that holds 3 beer cases. See more of the super large 3m long x 2.3m high BILLY room divider

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#3 Hackers help: How to divide the living room with a sofa bookcase?
Sofa Room Divider Bookcase

The narrow BILLY bookshelf is a possibility. But you’ll need to do a bit of hacking. Lay the BILLY bookshelf on the side. If it’s not long enough for your sofa, add a BILLY extension. Secure the extension to the short side of the BILLY. Then wrap the entire BILLY with MDF. Add casters to the bottom. It does not look exactly the same as your inspiration photo but it makes a lovely room divider bookcase too. See a behind-the-sofa room divider and book storage.

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