Bookshelf room dividers with a little help from BILLY

This is Lily’s very first IKEA hack — Billy bookshelf room dividers — and it’s a nice one. Clever use of BILLY bookshelves to section out a ‘sleeping area’ and create storage. Definitely a snuggle-worthy corner.

She says, “I’m renting this large one space studio but didn’t like the idea of having my bed in the living room as well as in the kitchen.

So I came up with the idea of bookshelf room dividers.

Here’s how I arranged my bookshelf room dividers

Since I also had a lack of storage for books etc. I decided to purchase five BILLY’s (4 large and one small) to create a ‘sleeping corner’. The position of the bookcases also makes kind of a hallway.

The first BILLY closest to the entrance door is a small one. I use that as a place for key/mail/umbrella.

A few months later I found two green glass kitchen doors (Rubrik) at the as-is corner. I then fixed them to the bottom bookshelves to serve as a shoe cabinet.

Billy bookshelf room dividers
The next BILLY is placed reversed so that I can use it as a night table at the head of my bed.

At the back I screwed in a simple rack to hang coats when entering the studio. I made sure the screws pierced one of the shelves so that it would be strong enough to carry some weight.
Billy bookshelf room dividers

Billy bookshelf room dividers

Billy bookshelf room dividers

The 3 bookcases facing the living room serve as all kinds of storage. I glued on some gift wrapping paper (at hema) to make it more playful and less white.

Some of the shelves are left out so that I have, like, these small decoration cubes in which I sometimes place school works (sculptures, maquettes, etc)

For the sleeping corner on the other side, the backs of the BILLY’s are simply covered with some leftover paint. I chose colors to match my favorite bed linen.

I hung a Hoppy lamp (by Dark) at the top to create some special light effects.

Billy bookshelf room dividersBilly bookshelf room dividersAnd that’s it. My BILLY bookshelf room dividers are so useful for privacy and offers lots of storage.”

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