Building a custom Ikea desk from an Expedit shelf + Linnmon table top

IMG_3761 IH-793206

Materials: 1 Linnmon table top, birch effect, 47 1/4×23 5/8″ $19.99 1 Expedit shelving unit, birch effect (201.353.00) $39.99 1 Expedit wall shelf, birch effect (302.651.26) $19.99 2 Expedit insert w/ 2 drawers, high gloss white (201.982.17) $25.00 2 Vika Kaj adjustable legs, silver (601.053.01) $15.00 4 L-shaped brackets + corresponding screws, ~$10-15 1 flat plate/bracket, $1-2

Description: Instructions:
1. Build the Expedit shelving units. You’re going to take a 2×2 Expedit shelf and a 1x—1 Expedit wall shelf to make a 2x—1 shelf. You can also purchase an already made 2x—1 Ikea shelf but check your local store for availability.
2. In essence, you build the Expedit as normal, using the same pre-drilled holes and screws, except you use the short sides from the 1x—1 on the top and bottom and the long sides from the 2x—2 for the sides of your new 2x—1 Expedit shelf.

DSC_0338 IH-795795
DSC_0340 IH-799567
DSC_0341 IH-702240

3. If you follow this method, one shelf will have screws showing on the top, the other shelf will have it on the sides. I chose the one with screws on top to form one side of my desk, because the table top covers the screws.
4. Attach your 47″ Linnmon table top to the 2×1 Expedit shelf. If you have a longer desktop, you can use both 2×1 shelves and use L-brackets to attach the tabletop to the shelves. I had to go with one 2×1 shelf on the right and 2 Vika Kaj legs on the left side instead. The Vika Kaj legs screw into the pre-drilled holes; the Expedit has three L-brackets attaching the table top to it: two in the back and one in the front. You can put an additional straight base plate or bracket on the outside edge of the desk toward the front of the Expedit shelf for additional security. I was not able to accommodate both Expedit shelves with the desktop I bought, so the second 2×1 is going to serve as a bedside table.
5. Optional: purchase Expedit inserts with drawers, or the door to create more discrete storage.
6. Enjoy!

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~ Kristina, Orange County, CA