12 Viral IKEA Hacks You Can Complete in an Afternoon

viral ikea hacks

These IKEA hacks went viral in 2023, and it’s easy to see why. They offer an affordable way to elevate your home decor without costing an arm and a leg. Plus, they have that “I can totally DIY this myself” factor that gets people excited to recreate them.

These IKEA hacks are best viewed as an “inspiration,” a starting point rather than a template. Cherry-pick and adapt the ideas to your unique style. We love how these hackers saw potential in the combination of different IKEA pieces to deliver a new look or function.

Depending on the complexity, you can knock them out in as little as an hour or over a weekend. Experiment with these easy IKEA hack projects and experience the satisfaction of creating a personal piece for your space.

Modern Industrial Vase

Anna over at @our_home_style_ spotted the potential in the IKEA LUFTMASSA wire lampshade. She paired it with one of IKEA’s mid-sized CYLINDER vases and gave the inside of the vase a fresh coat of flat black paint. Et voilà! A totally modern vase emerged. Who would’ve thought such an easy hack could transform a basic lampshade and vase into such a stylish decorative piece?

Floating bedside table

@1otsofdots shared her pretty floating nightstand made from the IKEA MOPPE chest of drawers. She glued the small drawers together to start, then added cut pieces from the RÖDEBY armrest tray on top. A fresh coat of paint and some gold handle pulls finished it off – what a clever way to transform a basic storage unit into a stylish bedside table.

Rotating bookshelf hack

viral ikea hacks - rotating bookshelf hack
Photo Credit: Teresa Casamonti

This DIY rotating bookshelf is perfect for little bookworms – it lets them browse their favorites with ease. Teresa took three IKEA SNUDDA lazy susans and added some extra boards to stack them up, secured at each level. A simple hack, but it serves its purpose so well.

Large Grid Mirror

@our_home_style_ SAVE THIS! It’s my favourite hack i’ve done so far. A huge mirror for £42 and no damage to your walls. #ikeahack #ikeatok #renterfriendly #rentershack #ikea #diyproject #learnontiktok #diytok ♬ Million Dollar Bill – Beyond Chicago & Majestic & Alex Mills

The grid mirror trend has been around for a few years now, but it’s still going strong, with tons of creative variations on the hack. This hack is about as easy and affordable as it gets for achieving that gridded look. @our_home_style_ grabbed a few packs of the IKEA LOTS mirrors and glued them right onto a painted section of her wall. It is a clever way to create a statement wall without breaking the bank.

Paperback bookshelf hack

Medina, over at @grillodesigns, took that basic OSTBIT plate holder and gave it a clever new purpose. She attached two self-adhesive hooks to the wall and hung the rack flush against the wall. From there, books could be neatly slotted onto the wood pegs. It’s an ingenious way to maximize storage potential in a tight space.

Hanging planter

@dekokrams Ikea-Hack: „TOPPIG“ #ikea #ikeahack #diy ♬ Stay acoustic – Will Gittens

@dekokrams found new ways to use the TOPPIG lantern. First, she spray-painted it to match her decor, added a hook on the wall, and inserted a plant, transforming it into an eye-catching hanging planter. In another reel, she showed how she used the same TOPPIG lantern as a towel holder in her kitchen. Perhaps even as a tissue paper holder? There are definitely many uses for this little IKEA hack.

A Long Kitchen Shelf

@juliatothefullestdiy Bei eurem nächsten ikea Trip solltet ihr mehr einpacken, als nur duftkerzen ????ich liebe diesen ikea hack so sehr! das DIY macht in der Küche mega was her ???????? wie findet ihr es? ???? Werbung unbeauftragt weil Markennennung – @IKEA Deutschland #ikeahack #ikeahacks #ikeahaul #ikea #ikeadiy #diy #diyikea #ikeaidee #ikeamusthaves #homehack #interiorhacks #interior #diyhacks #diyhacksforhome #dekohacks #lowbudget #eineichtung #küchendeko #cottagecorehome ♬ Originalton – Julia Kramer

While we’ve seen many IKEA BEKVÄM hacks, Julia‘s brilliant use of the BEKVÄM spice rack takes it up a notch. She took four of them and connected them together to make one long unit. Then she attached some HULTARP rails in a brass finish underneath for hanging utensils. Perfect for those with limited counter space in smaller kitchens and bathrooms. It looks so neat and tidy while maximizing storage.

Book Display and Craft Storage Box

viral ikea hacks - toddler book bin and craft storage box
Photo Credit: Kristina | BonnyundKleid

Kristina, over at @BonnyundKleid, took that basic MOPPE mini chest of drawers and gave it a fun upgrade. She turned it into cute craft storage and a book bin for the little one. With just a few easy modifications, she totally flipped this piece around.

Reimagined LACK coffee table

@henrietteshjem IKEA hack med Lack bord og Lack hylle ????️ Ig: @henriettes.hjem ???? #ikeahack #ikea #ikeahacks #ikeadiy #ikeahome #ikeaideas #ikealover #interiordesign #interior #interiør #interiorinspo #interiorhacks #diytable #diyhomedecor #diyideas #diyprojects #stueinspo #lindasdekor #dekorfolie ♬ original sound – DIY ART & HOME DECOR INSPO ????

The LACK coffee table is pretty simple and bare-bones out of the box. @henrietteshjem wasn’t feeling that plain Jane look, though. She ditched the stock legs and got creative. By slicing a LACK shelf in half, she attached the two half pieces underneath and turned them into a more substantial V-shaped base. She also wrapped the whole coffee table in a wood grain vinyl wrap. With just a few modifications, Henriette changed the whole vibe of the table. We would add a few angle brackets, rather than just glue, to secure the legs to the table.

Narrow console

@studioardesie diy + asmr / IKEA HACK #interiordesign #diy #asmr #homedeco #diyproject #ikea #ikeahack #homeinspo ♬ son original – Pauline | Interior Designer

Pauline @studioardesie needed a slim console table for her hallway, so she got creative with some LACK shelves. She took three of them and trimmed two down to size. Then, she used some polymer glue to stick the shorter shelves together as the base and attach the longest one across the top. The glue bonded them solid – even her playful cat can jump all over it without any wobbling. If you’re less confident, attach the legs to the table with brackets and then the entire unit to the wall for a sturdy minimalist console.

Tray side table

@kleinstadtcoco SIMPLE IKEA HACK ????✨ mit dem MARIUS Hocker und dem GLATTIS Tablett von IKEA sowas Cooles kreieren ???? _____ #ikea #ikeahack #ikeahacks #ikeafinds #ikeahaul #ikeadiy #ikeatok #ikeahacksdiy #makeover #diyhome #diyhomedecor #viral #fyp #einrichtung #mariushocker #mariusikea #glattis #glattisikea ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

@kleinstadtcoco came up with a clever way to give the cheap MARIUS stool a glow-up. She assembled the stool frame without the seat, then flipped it upside down and laid the GLATTIS gold tray across the top. The legs keep it securely in place. Now she’s got an eye-catching side table without much effort. It’s the perfect hack for repurposing a MARIUS stool that’s seen better days.

Towel rack hack

@organizzatriceseriale È tutto cosi bello creare????#ikea #ikeahack #ikeafinds #ikeahaul #ikeahacks #ikeadiy @IKEA @IKEA Italia ♬ Don't Start Now – Dua Lipa

@organizzatriceseriale took an IKEA SNÖSPIRA 4-bottle wine rack and gave it a new purpose in the bathroom. She paired it with a TAVELÅN bamboo tray to create a classy towel caddy. Who would’ve thought to repurpose a bottle holder as storage for your bath linens? It’s such a clever hack that elevates the space with a stylish yet functional upgrade. 

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