Loft beds using IKEA KRITTER kid’s beds

I just wanted to share an idea that can help people with limited space and want to re-use KRITTER type of kid’s beds for making loft beds.

The messy BEFORE. Space was tight
Materials for our KRITTER loft beds:

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We had 2 KRITTER beds from IKEA. And my 2 daughters needed space for their study tables. My idea was to make 2 loft beds so I could install a table on top of 2 drawers.

First, I purchased some 25mm thickness boards and copied the same holes as the boards that the KRITTER beds have.

Loft beds using IKEA KRITTER kid's beds
AFTER! Study tables tucked neatly beneath the elevated KRITTER beds

Then, I reinforced the bed using lateral stiffeners. This way the beds were strong enough. But the addition of some lateral buffers from wall-to-wall made the beds really stable.

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I used 4 STUVA drawers and placed 2 table tops on top of them.

Loft beds using IKEA KRITTER kid's beds

With the leftover bits of the table tops, I made some the ladder.

~ by Aitor