Rast Dollhouse


Materials: RAST Nightstand and HUSET Doll furniture

Description: I made a quick hack to house the HUSET living room by flipping the RAST nightstand upside down and angling the top. This required a pencil, a drill, a 1/4″ bit, and a saw. I began by putting the nightstand together as per usual but only screwing in the middle screws on the bottom shelf (now the roof of the house). Then I angled the shelf to the point I wanted and traced the line of the angle on the two sides with a pencil.

Then I took the whole thing apart again, drilled the other two holes on either side of the center hole just beneath the newly drawn line and sawed each side along that line. Finally I put it back toge ther and arranged the HUSET doll furniture inside. I wasn’t thrilled with the two holes that still showed on the sides so I put a balsa wood “beam” through them, but this is purely decorative. Voila, Ikea dollhouse.

~ Grace Lewis