A captain bed with extra storage place


Desperately needed space.

In order to increase the storage in my flat, I decided to build a captain bed from scratch. So first I create the base with 6 STUVA structures (60 x 50 x 64 cm) 3 on each side. I added one structure at the head.

At the end of the bed, I added a STUVA structure but without the back of it. In order to increase the stability of the middle of the bed, I added an « empty » Stuva structure (60 x 30 x 64 cm) without the back

On each side, to reach the 200 cm length required, I put a Billy CD shelf, that I saw off at 64 cm height. Once the structures fixed to each other, I screwed the Sultan Ladde on top. 3 screws per slat to make sure I won’t fall in the middle of the night J 🙂

After all this, I just had to add the drawers. On the left side of the bed, 6 large ones. At the end of the bed, 2 large as well. On the right side, 4 large and 4 small.

IMAG1957 IMAG1964

It’s all done and looks as if it’d been made for. Really proud of the result and even got an extra storage in the middle for let’s say Xmas decoration (to reach it, just take off the 2 drawers at the end of the bed and you have an extra large storage area).

~ Mélanie