Kura bed gains height

kurabed ans stolmen bank

Materials: KURA bed, STUVA combination 128 cm, 3 STOLMEN chests

Our daughter’s baby bed was getting too small, so we wanted to change it for something larger, and with the goal of winning some space.

The Kura bed fit our expectations, but the space underneath was a bit too low. On the other hand, loft beds were too high for a 6 year old.

So after some nights on the IKEA website, we found that if we added STOLMEN chests underneath the KURA bed, we would win 45 cm AND storage space: exactly what we needed!

STOLMEN were big enough to hold all her toys but not the clothes.

So on one end of the bed, a STUVA storage combination was build in. Its Height of 128 cm fits exactly if you cut one leg of the bed.

The bed and chests were screwed together so it won’t move at all.

Et voilà!!

raised kura bed


The library on the other side on the bed is done with TROFAST wall storage put upside down.

~ Anne