IKEA BESTA home cinema nightstand

Enjoy a movie night in your bedroom with a home cinema nightstand

Materials: Bestå

Here is a solution where you can hide your home cinema in the bedroom.


A clean white wall was perfect for a home cinema. IKEA Bestå hides the projector in its position and a hacked drawer ensures a table for sweets and drinks.

I used 3 different Bestå drawers.

First I made the base element with a Bestå drawer in upright position. The door will then open from the top. I mounted some fittings under the door that will keep it up and in locked position.

Brackets to lock the BESTA door in table position

BESTA door serves as a nightstand table

It may now be used as a nightstand and the fitting user manual says that it can hold 30 kg, i.e. a large bowl of pop corn and wine for a movie night or keyboard and track pad for late night working.

Home cinema nightstand - BESTA unit mounted at the top to house the projector

Then I mounted a thinner Bestå on top of the base element with just one door. I used some yellow contact paper to hide the screw holes. At last I took a Bestå drawer to the left where I placed the projector. The Mac Mini is placed in the base element. All the Bestå pieces are mounted to the wall and each other, and all the wires are hidden behind the Bestå drawers.

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~ Bjørn Aksel Storaker