KALLAX corner wardrobe for my bedroom

KALLAX corner wardrobe

IKEA items used: 4 KALLAX (2×2) and 4 KALLAX (1×4)

On the left wall:

2 Kallax (1×4), on the ground separated by a clothes rail.
Above, I hung 2 Kallax (2×2) raised by 4 pieces of wood. (Slotted between the 1×4 and 2×2)

On the right wall:
1 wooden post, a clothes rail, a Kallax (1×4) and a Kallax (2×2)
Above the clothes rail is a Kallax (2×2) cut at the top right to fit the slope of the ceiling.
In the corner is a Kallax (1×4) without its left side and without the bottom cube.

KALLAX corner wardrobe

~ Guenoden Jean-Marc