Quick hack turns IKEA lantern to battery-powered lamp

(This post has been edited. Instructions have changed from modifying the lantern to fit an Edison bulb to a battery-powered bulb. The base of the lantern can get too hot and warp with the use of an incandescent bulb.)

Rather than having to light a candle every time you wanted to use the GOTTGORA lantern, why not turn it into a battery-powered lantern?

All you need is a small-sized GOTTGORA lantern, a USB rechargeable light bulb with a socket, and 5 minutes of your time. (The GOTTGORA is discontinued. You can do a similar hack with other IKEA lanterns for pillar candles like the BORRBY.)

Here’s how the GOTTGORA lantern looks with the bulb.

IKEA GOTTGORA lantern with rechargeable bulb

And when the light is turned on!

IKEA GOTTGORA lantern with rechargeable bulb

IKEA GOTTGORA lantern with rechargeable bulb light

When getting an LED rechargeable light bulb, choose one that comes with a socket with a flat base like this one. This will make it easier to stick the socket onto the lantern base.

Use a plier to remove the hook to hang the bulb (if any) from the bulb socket. Apply strong adhesive to the bottom of the socket and stick it into the center of the GOTTGORA lantern base. Let the glue dry completely.

socket base

The last step is to screw in the light bulb and it’s done. Use the supplied remote control to turn the lantern on and off as well as change the color temperature of the light.

And just like that your battery-powered lantern is ready!

IKEA GOTTGORA lantern with rechargeable bulb

It’s a quick lighting hack to easily use the lantern at the patio, or as a table setting centerpiece.

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