FLIMRA pendant lamp from drinking glasses


Turn IKEA FLIMRA drinking glasses into pendant lamp shades

Turn IKEA FLIMRA drinking glasses into pendant lamp shades

IKEA items used:
– FLIMRA drinking glasses of different sizes
– SECOND cord sets
– LACK TV unit (for the white panel)

I started by drilling holes of about 8mm [5/16 inch] into the drinking glasses, this was the tricky part of the project and took me several months. You’ll find a lot of hints how to drill holes in glasses, for me after some trial and error I had success using a diamond drill and applying cellophane tape to the place where I drilled. Using a drill press instead of a handle drill greatly reduces difficulty. Make sure you buy some spare glasses in case you break some during the process.

From the LACK TV unit I only used the thin board, leaving me material for future hacks. (Credit for this idea goes to this hack.) I decided not to have the lamps hanging in one line as it makes things harder and any error visible, so drilling these holes was easy compared to drilling glass.

The board

When I assembled my lamp, I cut some piece off the bulb socket in order to have the bulb not sticking too far out of the glass in the end. I used a couple of cable ties to reduce the pull forces that the glasses may execute to the cable in the end. When assembling, I made sure the holes in the board are on the upper side, as I could perfectly turn screw hooks in for hanging the lamp. I also used hot glue to fix the terminals to the board on the upper side in order to keep the cables as invisible as possible.

Attachment to the ceiling

FLIMRA pendant lamp shades

FLIMRA pendant lamp shades

Turn FLIMRA glasses into pendant lamp shades

~ by Beni Mahler

Jules Yap