Hackin’ the Lack into a rustic coffee table

IKEA LACK rustic coffee table diy

Items Used: LACK, IKEA Coffee Table

Steps to hack a rustic coffee table

Measured original table top.

Bought one (1) 12″x 8′ knotty pine.

Cut to size.

Sanded, stained and sealed pieces (one (1) side and edges.)

IKEA LACK rustic coffee table diy

Joined with pocket holes every 6″ (roughly).

Drilled pilot holes on all four (4) corners (I placed the IKEA top on top of the backside of my new top, inserted a 2″ nail and hammered to mark where my screws go).

IKEA LACK rustic coffee table diy

IKEA LACK rustic coffee table diy

Since the IKEA hardware for this is a weird double ended screw, I wasn’t able to get it in very far by hand. So I inserted one end of the IKEA screw into the end of my drill and tightened the chuck like I would a bit. I slowly screwed it into the table top until it was half way.

Screwed the legs on and follows the remaining instructions from the assembly manual.

~ by Nicole Baglieri

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