Mid-Century Modern Shelving from IKEA Rast

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Mid-Century Modern Furniture Shelving from IKEA Rast

IKEA items used for this Mid Century Modern Shelving Unit:

IKEA RAST chest hacked into Mid-Century Modern Furniture Shelving

Photo: IKEA.com

Step 1
On the right side piece drill completely through top two holes and the 3 holes that the drawer guides fit in for the top two drawers. Create new holes for the support piece that is meant to go to the back of the dresser, so it can be placed in the front instead.

Then saw the side pieces off 1/2″ under these new holes. Repeat for the other dresser, this time drilling holes in the left side.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Shelving DIY - Step 1

Step 2
Place the guides as directed, but use the ones meant for the bottom drawer on the reverse side of the right side. Reverse the screws to attach the middle top, then use the wood pegs to attach this dresser’s top. Repeat these steps for the other dresser.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Shelving DIY - Step 2

Step 3
One of the dressers will have two supports, the original one at the back plus the one at the front. The other dresser will only have one because the back support will become the front support in the middle.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Shelving DIY - Step 3

Step 4
Mid-Century Modern Furniture Shelving DIY - Step 4 Cut wood to be the same size as the other dresser tops and drill holes so you can screw it into the two altered dresser sides.

You might want to use a piece of the RAST nightstand instead, but in this case you’ll need to cut the drawers a bit shorter for the middle section.

Continue with the drawers and backs as directed. The middle section won’t have a back. Instead of using the handles provided, I put on TOSTERUP ones instead.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Shelving from IKEA Rast

Instructions PDF. Free download.

~ by Grace Lewis

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