A Colander Chandelier, a modern dining table light

A Colander Chandelier, a modern dining table light

I recently remodeled my own home and I was working on the dining room. I got the whole thing finished except for the lights over the dining table. I looked everywhere for lights that seemed to reflect my own personality…could not find them, even expensive ones.

I happened to be at IKEA one day and was browsing the kitchen products when my eyes locked on the ORDNING stainless steel colanders…..perfect, I thought.

Photo: IKEA.com

The ORDNING colanders come with handles on the sides, so I carefully knocked those off, using a regular hammer, and sharp blows to the handles. It takes a few hard hits but they come off pretty cleanly.

I combined the ORDNING colanders with HEMMA light cord sets, and with some other minor things from the hardware store along with a scrap of solid surface countertop, I pieced together the Colander Chandelier in the pictures.

A Colander Chandelier, a modern dining table light

I used some left over bead chain I had around to hang the light with. I considered IKEA light bulbs but decided on large round globes instead to finish the look.

A Colander Chandelier, a modern dining table light

I had to drill a slightly larger hole in the bottom of each colander and I inserted a metal lighting accessory tube threaded on the outside and nuts to hold it tight. The cord of the HEMMA light fits up through the tube. That same tube was inserted through the solid surface sheet and bolted tightly to it. I combined the cords of all three lights together and connected them to the power cord that went to the ceiling junction box.

The holes in the sides of the colanders allow light out to give the room more light.

And there you have it.

A Colander Chandelier, a modern dining table light

~ by Tom Robbins

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