Hack List: 12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018

12 IKEA hacks to try 2018

At the start of the year, you’ve probably taken a look at your home and thought, “I need new lighting” or “We should figure out something for that awkward nook” or simply, “My craft room is a mess/ needs storage”. Well, let 2018 be the year to tackle some of these “someday” projects.

Here are 12 IKEA hacks to try this year, one for each month. I hope they’ll start firing some neurons in your right brain.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018

#1 Upgrade a lamp shade

The right lamp shade can lift the style of the place immediately. If you have a plain IKEA lamp shade and want a change of style, how about wrapping the shade in yarn? Or with maps?

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - yarn lamp shade

#2 Add a sideboard

You know, that blank wall that just “needs something”? Well, this is the thing. A sideboard with all the right Scandinavian vibes.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - Scandinavian sideboard

#3 Get your home office in working order

You’ve always dreamed of a better, more functional home office? Make it happen with IKEA countertops and drawer units. This dual workstation is totally doable, even for first time hackers.12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - dual workstation

#4 Style your office supplies

Office supplies does not need to look office-y. Weave a few colorful threads through the mesh and brighten up your work station immediately. Read more.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - office supplies hack

#5 Organise your craft space

Big crafting plans for 2018? That calls for a big, beautiful craft table. We know you’ll adore the large work top and all that storage, storage, storage beneath.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - craft table

#6 Make it pretty

I want at least a dozen of these. Just paint the IKEA PS coasters and use them for jewellery and other trinkets. Simple. But adds instant glam to your dressing table/ makeup vanity. See the tutorial.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - jewellery dish

#7 Add shelving to your walls

Make your shelves a conversation starter, not just to hold things up. The FROSTA X is still one of the best shelf hack ever. See a video of how it’s done.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - wall shelving

#8 Another way to add shelving

Use ropes, IVAR planks and voilà, a minimalistic hanging wall shelf that looks as good as the things it displays.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - rope shelving

#9 Add a burst of pattern

What a lovely way to add some punch to your dining table. These DIY scalloped placemats will definitely get your guests talking.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - scalloped placemat

#10 Squeeze in a breakfast nook

Even in a small kitchen, there are genius ways to squeeze in a mini breakfast bar. Tiny, but hey, it works.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - breakfast nook

#11 Wrap it up

There are so many ways to embellish plant pots from IKEA. And I particularly love this plant pot wrapped in fabric. No sewing required. And it’ll make a great housewarming gift too.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - fabric wrapped plant pot

#12 Make someone happy

This is the hack your cat has been waiting for. Make a cat tree with hammock from the BEKVÄM step ladder. The new IKEA VILTO storage stool also seems designed for this. And if you prefer, the hammock can be hung from a coffee table instead.

12 IKEA Hacks to Try in 2018 - cat tree hammock

And that’s my suggestions for IKEA hacks to try in 2018. Which one(s) gets on your Hack List? Tell us about your IKEA hack projects in the comments below.