KALLAX twin headboard for narrow space

We have 2 children sharing a room. My youngest had a twin captain’s bed without a headboard. Her pillows kept falling off the bed at night. Because of the way the room is laid out, a traditional twin headboard would have been impeded by the window ledge and would have pushed the bed farther out into the room and created useless space behind the headboard.

We realized the KALLAX unit would fit perfectly, but if we had simply put the KALLAX on the floor behind the bed we would have lost the use of 4 of the cubicles. Hence, the idea was to raise it up – which created additional storage underneath. It’s perfect for scooter storage or anything else small.

IKEA items used:

Other materials and tools:

How to make a KALLAX twin headboard

Cut or have cut a piece of ¾ inch plywood to the dimensions of the Kallax Unit (15×30)

Attach the 4 SEKTION legs to the plywood. Allow for baseboards (if any) to space the legs from the wall.

KALLAX twin headboard for narrow wall space

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I put a piece of black tape around the edges of the plywood to hide the raw wood – you could also paint.

Put plywood base into corner and adjust legs to level.

Put KALLAX unit on top of the platform. Secure KALLAX to the wall using 4 angle brackets. I screwed into the shelf part of the Kallax as the outer frame is hollow.

KALLAX twin headboard for narrow wall space

KALLAX twin headboard for narrow wall space


We already had the KALLAX unit, so we spent 40 dollars on the legs, 6 dollars on the plywood, and 2 dollars for the brackets.

We were worried about leveling the legs on our uneven floors but they stayed very sturdy. I love how it looks in the room, it makes her bed look finished, and it still has tons of storage which is necessary in a small apartment.

KALLAX twin headboard for narrow wall space

~ by Jeannine and Gerald