6 essential things from IKEA for your Home Gym

Inspired by IKEA’s recent collaboration announcement with Adidas, and this video (besides being motivated by my squishy belly), I began to brainstorm on IKEA products that are suitable for a home gym.

This post is not about the types of workout or equipment to get, but turning your space into the best possible home gym. We’re talking storage for all the “non-pretty” things and creating a workout nook you’ll want to work out in and have your stuff easily accessible.

6 things every home gym needs:

#1 Storage

Kettlebells, yoga mat, jump rope, balance ball? What do you need to store? Size up the amount of equipment you have and match to the type of storage you’ll need.


A set up like this is neat and houses loose items in one large storage area. While I’m not sure if Jillian Harris of HGTV used IKEA but this can be easily achieved with SEKTION/ METOD units. Or the PLATSA range.


If you have less equipment, the KALLAX is a good choice. The X divider insert is a great idea for sorting weights. The KALLAX doubles up as a bench too.

#2 Mirrors

You’ll need a mirror to check form. Large mirrors can be pricey but there’s no rule that says you can’t achieve the same with lots of smaller ones. Like how Diane of In My Own Style did with a series of mirrors. She used mirrors from Target but you can definitely try the same trick with IKEA MINDE mirror or the ever popular LOTS mirror.

In My Own Style

Or if you have an old wardrobe with mirrors, don’t throw them away. Repurpose them as your home gym mirrors. The PAX Vikedal is perfect for it. See how to hack it here.

home gym mirror

#3 A bench

You’ll need a bench for some of your workouts as well as to plonk yourself onto after a gruelling set. You could DIY one like how Corey of Sawdust 2 Stitches did out of wood and pipes.

Sawdust 2 Stitches

Or get one from IKEA. I think the ÄPPLARÖ is a good sturdy choice. And if it can withstand the outdoor elements, it can stand up to some sweat. Another more playful choice is the IKEA PS 2014 balance bench. It’s narrow so you won’t get too comfortable. And it’s actually good to work on your balancing too.

#4 A hanging organiser

Designate a spot to hang up resistance bands, jump rope, headphone cables — anything long and dangly. It will be much easier to find, use and keep untangled. Cause if anything is in a knotty mess you won’t use it. Tony from A Bowl Full of Lemons used a rail from Target for it. An IKEA FINTORP works equally well.

A bowl full of lemons

Or you can just use the KUBBIS rack with hooks. Easy peasy.

#5 Tracking center

As they say, “if you can measure it, you can improve it”. Your home gym will need a spot where you can track all your workouts. I know there are FitBits and gizmos but I’m old school and I still like to put my workout down on paper. Cause it feels mighty good to check it off.

Melissa of Polished Habitat used clipboards hung on the wall. That’s a great idea as you can easily swap out workouts and add new ones. Besides, what can beat walking around with the clipboard and checking on hubs during his workout?

home gym tracker
Polished Habitat

If clipboards aren’t your thing, the IKEA SKÅDIS is a great option for a tracking center. It has accessories to hold up files or pin up your workout routine.

home gym tracker
#6 Music

Workouts are so much better with music so, don’t forget to add a place for your player. Or a monitor if you do video workouts.

home gym music
I Heart Organizing

A simple shelf paired with IKEA EKBY LERBERG brackets does the job brilliantly. You can also store your yoga mat.

That’s what I can think of for now. What IKEA items did you use to set up your home gym? Tell us in the comments.