12 IKEA small space finds from the 2020 Catalog

ikea small space finds

Small space? No problem. IKEA has some solutions for you.

Earlier this month, IKEA launched their 2020 catalog and as I was flipping through it, I thought, “The homes seems to be getting smaller!”

It’s not new. IKEA has been telling us that for years.

But in this catalog, that message seems to be at the forefront — furniture needs to be a lot more hardworking!

So, flowing along with IKEA, I picked out a few pieces from the catalog (and website) and gave some thoughts on how they can be hacked to do more for a small space.

I hope you get some ideas here for your tiny home.

12 IKEA Small Space Finds

#1 IVAR shelving unit with desk
IKEA IVAR for small space

This is a new addition to the IVAR range and a swell one. The desk folds up into the IVAR wall unit. Even if you don’t have an IVAR unit, it should be easy enough to DIY a wall-mounted frame to hide this table.

#2 PAX wardrobe at 15″ deep
PAX wardrobe at 15" depth

When you don’t have enough floor space, a full wardrobe may be too much. This shallower PAX is just perfect. And the new HAMNÅS door with vintage inspired pattern is gorgeous.

#3 KUNGSFORS wall system

This wall system, which replaced the GRUNDTAL, is amazing for the kitchen and just about anywhere else. Even in the bedroom or home office.

KUNGSFORS for small spaces
#4 GREJIG shoe rack
GREJIG shoe rack

The GREJIG is a small and compact shoe rack. Granted, it’s rather flimsy but at only $4.99, you can’t beat the price. Stack as many as you need.

Or use the GREJIG to increase the storage on shelves you already have. Like how Anna-Sofia used it as a shelf insert on the HYLLIS. She tells me it fits perfectly.

IKEA GREJIG as shelf insert
#5 FLOTTEBO sleeper sofa
IKEA FLOTTEBO sleeper sofa - perfect for small spaces

A sofa bed with storage, movable cushions to create the seating arrangement you want and a built-in swivel side table. What more can we ask for, except colour options, perhaps?

#6 INGATORP drop leaf table
INGATORP drop leaf table

You can go three ways with this table – no leaves, one leaf, or two. Adaptable to your space and number of guests.

#7 PRESSA hanging dryer
PRESSA drying rack

There’s a trick to this hanging dryer. Gunner tells us you can insert a 6 mm S-hook into the hole at the base of the dryer and then, hang another PRESSA from it.

PRESSA - 12 IKEA small space finds

And then use it to hang all sorts of stuff to dry, including make-up brushes.


Source: Reddit user Matte-matician

#8 KVISTBRO storage table
KVISTBRO storage table - 12 IKEA small space finds

A coffee or side table that you use to store throws, magazines or yarn. I love it when furniture is good looking and so useful.

#8 NYBAKAD play kitchen
NYBAKAD play kitchen

Finally, the popular DUKTIG play kitchen has a sibling. Why I like the NYBAKAD for small spaces is not just because of the size, but how it can be easily hacked into something else. I’m thinking sand table or kids bookcase or clothes storage when your child outgrows the play kitchen.

#9 MÖJLIGHET bed pocket
bed pocket - 12 IKEA small space finds

A bed pocket is perfect for a bunk bed situation. This keeps your child’s favorite things like books, toys and a bottle of water close at hand, when there’s no space for a shelf.

But, seriously, this little guy can be used in so many other ways – in the car, at the entrance, inside a wardrobe, in the yard. Practically anywhere you need pockets.

#10 SYMFONISK wifi bookshelf speaker
SONOS SYMFONISK - IKEA small space find

It’s a stroke of genius, making the speaker a wall-mountable shelf. Sure, you can’t put a lot of stuff on it. But as a nightstand it’s adequate.

#11 SAXBORGA Storage box with mirrored lid
IKEA Makeup box for small space

I really get this one. All small tubes of this, that and what-nots organised into one compact box. So useful. Less clutter = more space.

#12 RÖMSKOG underbed storage box
ROMSKOG underbed storage

Using the space under your bed is a given, if you’re a small space dweller. But why stop there? Use the RÖMSKOG for odd niches like the odd gap between a cabinet and wall. Fill it up and slot it in place.

And that’s my list of 12.

Do you have any other IKEA small space finds? Let us know in the comments below.

Jules Yap