KALLAX units upcycled into cheap and easy clothes space

In a very small room, with a high ceiling, I created clothes space by reusing old KALLAX units and an old IKEA kitchen rail (BYGEL).

This cost me only £15 for two new wardrobe rails. I only used basic tools of spirit level, electric drill (for wall holes etc.), battery powered screwdriver and a very small amount of glue I already had.

I had a limited budget as I had to refurbish a large flat for rental.

This is in a rental property and I knew the room was to be used for either an office or a bedroom for children.

The 2 units are separated by wardrobe hanging rails bought from a DIY store.

It was vital to ensure both the top and bottom units were attached strongly to the wall.

Cheap and easy clothes space

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I then made sure bottom unit could never move by screwing into the floorboards.

I then attached the two wardrobe rails to the front of each unit and I did not need to cut metal rails but used the full length as the height between each unit.

I then screwed and glued an IKEA old kitchen rail underneath the top unit to use as a hanging rail for clothes. This rail had to be strongly glued as the weight of clothes could tear screws from the KALLAX unit. I used Gorilla glue brand.

Cheap and easy clothes space

The unit created clothes space in a very small room and has been used by various tenants for over 4 years and has held both children and adult clothing.

~ by Judith Faulkner