The BRIMNES range from IKEA includes bedroom furniture, living room furniture, entertainment centers, dressing tables, daybeds, wardrobes, credenzas, and even full bedroom suites.  


This range is extensive and includes multiple sizes designed for each furniture item. Every item is available in black or white and is designed to maximize the use of space and storage without detracting from the look and feel of the space. 


The two primary collections within the BRIMNES range are bedroom furniture, beds, and storage units. 


1. BRIMNES Bedroom Furniture

ikea brimnes bedroom furniture

The bedroom furniture in the BRIMNES range includes beds of various sizes, wardrobes, dressing tables, multi-drawer dressers, headboards, nightstands, and beautiful cabinets. 


The bed bases are particularly cleverly designed, as they are made to be subtle but beautiful and equipped with multiple drawers and storage elements. 


All of the furniture in this range matches well and maximizes storage options. The furniture feels well-made and looks sturdy while maintaining a sleek feel. 


The BRIMNES range has accents of frosted glass and is equipped with slim handles where necessary. This furniture range is everything the modern bedroom needs. 


2. BRIMNES Storage Units

The storage units in the BRIMNES range are excellent. There is a wide variety to choose from, including television storage units with shelves and storage cabinets arranged in various combinations and orientations to suit any home theatre setup


BRIMNES also includes bookshelves of various designs, large storage cabinets with double doors, glass windows, and large storage cabinets. 


There are multiple design variations for every unit, allowing you to choose the units that suit your style and space. Every BRIMNES storage unit is tastefully designed, they flow well with other furniture, and they provide all the storage you could possibly need in almost any space. 




The BRIMNES range from IKEA is extensive, which means there are many hacks you can use to elevate the furniture to a new level and make it unique to you and your home. 


An excellent BRIMNES hack is to upgrade the bed frame. For example, makeover the rather plain BRIMNES storage headboard to match your style.  


Another excellent BRIMNES hack is to turn multiple BRIMNES storage cabinets into a high-end dining room credenza. Stand three or four IKEA BRIMNES cabinets next to each other and screw them together with self-tapping screws of an appropriate length. This perfectly combines the storage units into a single piece of furniture that ideally accents a dining room and provides ample storage for cutlery and crockery. 


Want more ideas? Scroll down our list of IKEA BRIMNES hacks for more inspiration.