Star Wars Terrarium DIY: An easy IKEA Hack

For my daughter’s woodland themed room I wanted to create something fun, yet inject a bit of green into the room. We landed on a Star Wars Terrarium theme because we both love the movies.

Make one, we must.


Easy Star Wars Terrarium – how to

For the container, I picked the IKEA MORKT Lantern. It was large enough with a removable top. And it looked really cute and suited my daughter’s bedroom.

I took the MORKT lantern and sealed up its base with silicone and a plastic ring.

Then, I added soil, pebbles and odd pieces of rock formation to mimic a Star Wars landscape. Around this formation, I planted a variety of succulents.

As a finishing touch, I placed an AT-AT walker to complete our terrarium from a galaxy far far away. You could, of course, pick your favourite Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Terrarium IKEA Hack

Star Wars Terrarium IKEA Hack

This is how her Star Wars Terrarium turned out.

Star Wars Terrarium IKEA Hack

~ Kaylie, Seattle

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