Hackers Help: DIY sliding mirror wardrobe doors?

sliding mirror wardrobe doors

I’m looking for a sliding mirror wardrobe doors hack.

I would be interested in adding a custom fit mirror to SVORKMO or HASVIK sliding doors, on the PAX cabinets. The mirrors should cover the whole front of the door.


The thing is, I don’t like the sliding mirror wardrobe doors offered by IKEA, with four frames around the mirror tiles. See AULI mirror door below.

PAX AULI sliding mirror doors | IKEA.com
PAX AULI sliding mirror wardrobe doors | IKEA.com

Does anyone happen to know if there would be enough space between the doors for a mirror, or would the extra weight of the glass cause a problem?

~ by Jarno


Hi Jarno

I’ve not seen a successful hack on this. Perhaps IH readers know of one? Please do let us know.

I have an idea though – a concept – and it’s a long shot. Totally untested. But let’s just brainstorm this possibility for a second.

Frame up a mirror with the sliding door frame

Instead of fixing mirrors onto the SVORKMO or HASVIK and worry about weight or clearance, why not use IKEA’s sliding door frame and get your mirror fabricator to cut a large mirror to fit the outer frame?

This way, you’ll only have a thin frame all around the mirror and not the 3 inner dividers. (Unless you totally loathe the sight of any frame!) You’ll need to find a way to reinforce the back of the mirror and secure the frame together, which was the job of the inner dividers. Perhaps modify the dividers into a kind of brace? 

ikea sliding door frame
PAX sliding door frame | IKEA.com

If you’re not set on sliding mirror wardrobe doors, the FORSAND VIKEDAL hinged door is a great option. Unless you don’t have the space to swing open a door, they work as well as sliding doors, if not better. And they are cheaper too. See this built in mirror closet.

VIKEDAL mirror doors

Let us know how it turns out.

Happy hacking,


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