The 10 Coolest Hacks for our Favorite IKEA Products

favorite ikea products hacked

Our favorite IKEA products get transformed, with awesome results.

It seems magical for you to take a basic and inexpensive piece of furniture and create a magnificent thing. But, it is possible with IKEA hacks.

Ooh, the numerous wonders of IKEA.

The internet provides you with plenty, inspirational DIY projects that utilize these pieces to come up with specific customized objects.

Do you want to know the secret?

You can create new, high-end IKEA items with a few tools, little pain, and of course, your creativity. Yes, that simple.

These surprising inspirations will make you have a look at BIY (build-it-yourself) furniture in a different, new light. What is the big deal about this? It will entice you as you will get pumped to create your DIY furniture. The simple and inexpensive design by IKEA allows you beef up tables, repurpose planters into organizers, or add shiny knobs to dressers.

Therefore, what holds for this year? More, exciting IKEA hacks of course.

Our favorite IKEA products hacked

favorite ikea products hacked

Let’s look at the 10 cool hacks that you can use to upgrade your favorite IKEA products.

#1 Plain INGO Tables become Huge Farmhouse Dining Table

With two small INGO tables, you can build one huge 10-seater farmhouse dining table. It helps that the INGO table comes unfinished so you can customize it to suit your style.

You can choose to add some pine planks over the tabletop for that rustic farmhouse dining table look or stain the top to your liking to get an inexpensive yet unique dining table. Practically, you can check it out here.

favorite ikea products hacked - INGO tables

Credit: East Coast Creative Blog

Or make a small one if you prefer

Jennifer’s family just moved in to a new house and wanted a dining set that looked nice, but didn’t break the bank.

After looking at several options in different stores that would cost $1,000+, they decided to try a hack on an $80 table before shelling out that kind of money.

Here’s what they did:

1. Assemble and paint the table frame and legs.

2. Brush the stain onto the tabletop, let sit for 20 minutes, wipe off residue and repeat until you reach desired color.

3. After paint and stain are dry, apply the polycrylic to the top and the wax to the parts painted white. Let dry overnight, then buff the waxed parts.

4. Assemble the table once dry.

And that’s how you get a farmhouse dining table on the cheap.

#2 Sneakers shelves

Don’t keep your shoes inside boxes. Why not take a moment every day to admire your favorite sneakers collection by displaying them on the LACK wall shelf?

Besides storing books or DVDs, it is now that time to arrange your sneakers on the shelves. It is the right size for your shoes.

Not that many sneakers? You can use a SPONTAN magazine rack like so.

favorite ikea products hacked - spontan

#3 Double PS Cabinet makeover

favorite ikea products hacked - ps cabinet

Credit: The Little Wild One

One of our all-time favorite IKEA products has to be the PS cabinet. Now, Jess shows us how to create a PS cabinet that’s twice as awesome by stacking the second unit on top of the first.

Then, painting it a textured stone finish to turn it a show stopper. Find its step by step instructions here

 #4 Dylan’s hidden wireless charger

favorite ikea products hacked - malm nightstand

How about embedding wireless charging to your nightstand? How brilliant is this idea? It keeps away charges and cables on your nightstand. Check here how Dylan did this.

#5 Kitchen island carts turned spa style bathroom vanities

Get two GROLAND kitchen islands and paint the bottom black. Then, install a stone bowl sink on top of one and voilà! Spa style bathroom.

groland kitchen island

Sadly, the GROLAND is no longer produced. So use the VADHOLMA instead, and you won’t even need to paint it black.

MELLOSA picture ledge

MELLÖSA picture ledge |

If you need even more bathroom storage, mount the new acrylic MELLÖSA picture ledge. Given its size, it is a good addition to your bathroom if you are looking for something that will not take too much space or shadow your backlit mirror.

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